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About Us

Nicole and her husband Jackie are from the Fujian province, in southeast China. They decided to move to Salisbury in 2015 due to its beautiful coast lines that reminded them of home. After working odd restaurant jobs, their lives took an unexpected turn; the couple had opened their first restaurant together named Koto. However, due to the stress of a new business and 3 (now 4)  young ones at home, koto failed.

Although their first venture failed, Nicole and Jackie kept pushing and found success with their second business, Manna. With hard work and many restless nights, they managed to turn Manna into a thriving restaurant with many loyal customers. Because of their success, they were able to open a second restaurant in Berlin, Maryland, named Kaiju. 

Kaiju is a Japanese inspired restaurant serving sake, sushi, and ramen with homemade noodles made at the restaurant. Nicole and Jackie made sure to give customers the most authentic experience possible, using traditional cooking techniques from Japan. So the next time you want to eat some good Japanese food that is fresh and homemade, come and stop by!

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